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Integrated Voice Pick
Many Companies are deploying voice-directed solutions for productivity gains, accuracy, safety and ease of training. Voice-directed solutions have several advantages over traditional handheld and truck-mounted technology. With hands and eyes free, workers can now concentrate on their tasks, rather than the technology.

What is Voice-Pick
Speech-Logistics is Knighted’s technology that uses speech-recognition and speech synthesis to allow workers to communicate verbally to warehouse management systems. Delivering audible work instructions through a headset connected to a wireless mobile computer, workers talk interactively with the WMS for tasks and confirmations. Typically used in picking environments by dramatically increasing worker efficiency and reducing labor costs, Knighted has broken the barrier on voice applications to include Inbound, Inventory Management and Outbound functions. No longer limited to one area of the warehouse, Knighted’s Voice-Logistics has expanded the efficiency across the warehouse.

 Integrated Voice Pick Technology