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Knighted’s Delivery module is designed to allow our retail customers to provide value added services to their customers. Retailers recognize that customer services are critical to customer acquisition and retention in a competitive environment. By offering the best home delivery possible to their customers they gain an advantage over their competitors in many cases.

They need to do this also at the lowest cost possible which means insuring the highest degree of accuracy both in shipment content and delivery scheduling. The most satisfied customer and least expensive delivery will always result from a delivery made right the first time!

Take that a step further and add both customer and vendor visibility of the delivery and you’ve established a comfort level that is unsurpassed. Imagine everyone in the Home Delivery network having the ability to know the status of the customer’s order in real time, who is handling it, when it was handled, the entire history of the shipment from order placement to the customer’s doorstep. Knighted’s Delivery module can even provide independent Home Delivery vendors with electronic documents about shipments or access through the internet on their browser.  Knighted’s Delivery module is available fully integrated with the Knighted VisionTM WMS or standalone for integration with your existing ERP, WMS or even your homegrown system.

Knighted’s Delivery shares some of the robust features of our Warehouse Management Software to provide our customers Tier 1 content verification and delivery scheduling tools, as well as a number of features to deal with requirements only found in personalized delivery services. Features included in the package go beyond:

Create and sequence service stops

Scheduling of:

direct customer deliveries

service stops

store pickups and delivery

Suggested delivery windows based on previously scheduled shipments

Hold and Release scheduled deliveries

recorded with reason for delay

Verification of truck loading

Creation of delivery slips/tickets

Consolidate multiple customer orders

Truck Routing

Delivery Confirmation

Record damage or missing items

Delivery and Assembly Instructions

Complete Delivery History

Manage Returns and Exchanges

Receive at Contract Delivery Providers

EDI with contract providers

Search Orders, History, Customers

Browser based access supports secure access over your local network, wide area network or public internet.

The benefits of improved customer service are only limited by your ability to provide timely service on demand. Knighted helps make that process easier by supporting:

Improved overall service levels, customer satisfaction

Guaranteed Delivery content (load verification), complete multi-part deliveries

Reduced delivery lead times

Improved routing and scheduling, fewer scheduling conflicts

Easy adjustments to customer requests for changes in scheduled deliveries

Trace-ability of damage and shrinkage

Improved communication with Contractors

Clear delivery and assembly instructions
Delivery Software Module

 Delivery Module