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Integrated Labor Management

Knighted’s Labor Management solution provides the intelligence to measure and manage warehouse labor in order to increase levels of performance and productivity. Its use will enable your distribution to improve all aspects of operational performance and proactively utilize yours most important resource, the labor team.

Our real-time solution meets all of your labor management needs by tracking labor standards, measuring performance and evaluating/reducing labor costs. This labor management solution can differentiate between direct and indirect jobs while providing feedback to employees and managers on task completions. Our solution will improve resource allocation and labor productivity which can be utilized to provide coaching and generate insightful reports.

Most Labor Management tools fall into one of three categries; Performance Reporting, Performance Reporting against Standards (Goal times and Incentive Pay Schemas), and Discrete Standards determination. Each of these is a stepping stone to the next when implementing labor management tools for the first time. Knighted Vision WMS Labor Management module contains features that cover the majority of these tool requirements. Performance reporting with or without standards, coaching, and incentive pay (through payroll integration) are all supported. Data collected also provides the basis for an Industrial Engineer to calculate standards through addition of ergonomics and other standards development criteria.

The Knighted labor management solution bridges the gap between the time/attendance system and the payroll system by capturing detailed information on each employee for all functions performed in the warehouse.


Real-Time productivity analysis based on employee time and work performance

Performance analysis based on standards and targets set for each department and warehouse activity

Summarizes real-time results for management review and action

User defined operating requirements through easy to use system prompts

Indirect labor tracking to capture non-scanning functions

Reporting of scanning violations including incorrect bin/item scan, out- of-stock errors and “too-quick”   activities that adversely impact incentive pay

Management reporting by warehouse, function, job, supervisor, shift and more

Ability to interface with payroll systems for incentive calculations

Approve worker time sheet electronically with access to detailed production data.

Adjust worker time and activities, where required

Detailed breakdowns offer views by job, pay variables, standard/ non-standard activities

Track all warehouse activities

Web-based labor scorecard system
Labor Management

 Labor Management