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Basic warehouse logistics principles dictate that a properly slotted distribution center dramatically reduces operating costs, shortens order fulfillment cycles, clears inbound docks faster, and improves overall distribution center efficiency.

Knighted Dynamic Slotting is an integrated real-time slotting system that is always optimizing warehouse bin locations to improve productivity. This is called a perpetual approach rather than as a massive relocation event.

Knighted leverages movements performed during normal operations to improve inventory location in the facility in a way that will decrease warehouse travel time, reduce pick labor travel, and maximize warehouse bin space.

Using a unique point system, Knighted dynamic slotting is always evaluating inventory velocity and other factors to properly categorize inventory (such as A, B, C ,D).  This ensures that inventory is always slotted in the best location possible. This automated process replaces lengthy conference room meetings that may not produce the best results.

Activities that move inventory in the warehouse provide opportunities to evaluate if there is a better slot available.  Knighted looks at pending demand and pending receipts over a user defined period, product cube, case pack, and other attributes to determine if the prime slot previously assigned should be “made larger” or “made smaller”.  When a slot assignment is changed, the current slot is picked clean as part of normal operations and future picks continue at the new location.

Knighted Dynamic Slotting can also consolidate or separate multiple adjacent location positions for use by a different sized item.

Knighted Dynamic Slotting Module is fully integrated, there is no interface needed. The module leverages a rules based points system to match the “value” of available slots to the importance of an items slotting, selecting the best overall location for an item from the available pool.

Knighted slots new products as well as re-slotting current products.  New product slotting is done when received based on one or more factors including sales projections, initial purchase or production quantities.  This approach can be used to load a new warehouse without an initial slotting plan.  And as the demand changes, the product naturally migrates to larger or smaller locations as needed.  Even when demand drops to zero on a product, transactions used to consolidate the product use the same slotting algorithms to find a new optimal location.

Knighted also provides a manager’s dashboard to monitor activity by zone, allowing the manager to influence new product slotting based on congestion on a real time basis.  Knighted’s Slotting Matrix highlights problem areas, providing click and select control to shutdown new activity in a zone temporarily.  Knighted can react to zone closure, easing  congestion by slotting restock items to another area or blocking additional pick activity.

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