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Managing supply chain processes in today’s fast paced environment not only requires full visibility of your supply chain operations, but systems that monitor for potential problems or critical events and proactively notify management about them in a concise and timely fashion.

Event Management through Alerts is a customizable business intelligence tool. Through monitoring, measuring, and real time integration, the Knighted Vision™ Warehouse Management System provides an event management solution for optimizing distribution processes. Event management functionality provides expanded analysis and measurement of processes as they occur. This helps managers avoid exceptions which impede the flow of goods and remedy them quickly when they do occur.

The mechanism used by Knighted allows you to set up alerts that trigger when a threshold measuring an operational condition has been reached. The user selects the alerts that different employees should be informed about (subscription), how often the alert should be sent, and how or to whom the alert should be sent based on time of day. THis is all done through a simple click and select screen presentation. Different recipients may be specified based upon the time of day, day of the week, holidays or weekends to tie to an employees work hours. Limits for escalation can also be set. For example, if the space utilization in the distribution center’s Carton Storage area exceeds 85 percent, a warning would be sent. If the utilization hits 95 percent, a critical alert can be triggered. If the second event occurs on a different shift, the message can be configured to go to a different supervisor.

Alerts can be sent to any device that can receive text-based email, such as a pager, PDA, mobile phone, and of course regular email. A graphical display (dashboard) is available for managers, supervisors, or monitored in a large Distribution Center’s command center and displays current status of each alert, color coded based on status and severity. A detailed alert history is retained for analysis and root cause problem determination. As with most historical lookups in Knighted, a user can inquire on alerts based on a variety of parameters, including a specified time range. Features:

Automated alert to business process exceptions

Real-time event monitoring and detection

Pre-configured events with user-defined triggers, subscriptions, and escalation

Pass-thru alert management from other systems such as equipment controllers

Flexible assignments to different users based on time of day, day of the week, holidays and weekends

Personalized Management Dashboard

User-friendly point-and-click configuration

Event History for statistical analysis, graphical reporting and process improvement

Easy integration with other applications

Fully integrated with Knighted Vision™ Warehouse Management System

Support for any email capable device
Alert Management


 Alert Management