The Tea Ladies,Inc.
Bringing Victorian &
Edwardian History to Life
Program Choices for Your Consideration
These are some of our most popular ~ Please contact us for our complete list of  programs, including holiday themes.

Beautiful Hats Through Time
Enjoy a breathtaking presentation of the history of ladies' and men's hats through the ages.
Hats from the 1860's to the 1920's are displayed and modeled. A program that is truly a visual delight!

Titanic, Voices From the Past
It's 1912, the year of the maiden voyage of the Titanic! Third class immigrants, second class travelers and first class elegant Edwardians such as Lady
Astor and Mrs. JM (Molly) Brown were on board this "ship of dreams." Join us as we embark on the most fascinating voyage of an era. Guests
participate in this program.  Edwardian dress is encouraged.

Treasure Thy Friend
A lovely program that shares the special meaning of friendship through words and tokens of the Victorian Era. This program offers touching quotes and
journal entries about friendship, and a generous display of friendship crafts, books, gifts and photos: all heartfelt tokens of the sisterly bond between
friends in the 19th century.  

Hoop Skirts and Teacups ~Civil War Women in Illinois
Women's roles during the Civil War ~ A presentation with touching excerpts from ladies' civil war letters, journals, and some amusing stories about
hoop skirts and other feminine finery.

In Memory Of My Dear One ~ Victorian Mourning Traditions
Victorians understood that death was an everyday part of life and that there were many rules of mourning etiquette expected to be followed.  Each
phase of mourning sent a special social message to others.  Join us as we discuss the private and social aspects of mourning in Victorian Era America.  
We will learn about the expectations of dressing properly while grieving,  the significance of draping the home and inner decor, the importance of
living photography and post-mortem photography, the popularity of spiritualism, and much more.

If Teacups Could Talk
A program all about those fanciful but functional items so dear to ladies' hearts for centuries - teacups! Learn all about the era of elegant china. Bring
your favorite teacup and saucer and tell us its story.

The Circus Is Coming to Town!  
It was the most thrilling, dangerous, and colorful entertainment of the era when the circus came to town! Dancing elephants, trick riders, lions, aerialists
and clowns brought sleepy little towns to life with their trickery and magic under The Big Top.  Listen for the calliope and join the fun… come with us
to the Golden Days of the circus.    

Outrageous Etiquette
Outlandish etiquette rules from the 1890’s. The Tea Ladies share rules of Victorian etiquette you just won’t believe.
What fun ~ The audience participates in this program!

Take Me To the Fair!
Step back in time and go to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair!  Experience an unforgettable day at the Columbian Exposition - the fair that offered a
glimpse into the future of a new century;  electricity, iced tea, Cracker Jack, the Ferris Wheel, Thomas Edison’s fabulous
Tower Of Lights, and oh, so much more.

Victorian Bridal Traditions  
This program features Victorian wedding traditions and bridal etiquette. Then we dress a Victorian bride (mannequin)
from her corset to her gown.

Gone With the Wind
The book and movie we all love!  Do you remember the details, the characters and costumes?  This is a program full of Gone With the Wind trivia,
treats, and prizes. Here is your chance to dress as your favorite character.
Bring Rhett along if you like.

My Grandmother's Apron
Wear your favorite vintage apron and join us as we recall household duties of decades past such as hanging laundry, canning, filling button boxes,
stocking the pantry, and sharing recipes. Truly a presentation for all the special ladies in our lives.

“All Aboard!” Train Travel in Victorian America
Step on board with us and experience a 19th century train trip out West on the brand new transcontinental railroad.  
Learn all about the Harvey House Restaurants and what it took to be a Harvey Girl waitress.
Gambling is allowed, but let’s hope there are no train robbers!

The Silver Charity Tea
A program perfect for a fund-raising event. Learn how 19th Century ladies and gentlemen raised money for their charities by hosting Silver Teas.
Churches and charitable organizations have been hosting Silver Teas for over one hundred years to help worthy causes.  We discuss  elegant Victorian
high society fund-raising and also how ladies during the Civil War helped each other and the soldiers.
A very inspiring program.

~ Holiday Programs For All Seasons Are Also Available ~
Victorian Christmas Splendor ~ Beautiful 19th Century Christmas Traditions
Cherubs and Chocolates ~ Victorian Valentine Traditions
A Wee Bit of the Irish ~ The Irish in Victorian America
The Kentucky Derby ~ The First Ten Years
In the Good Old Summertime
A Victorian All Hallow's Eve
The Queen Program

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Gone With The Wind
Program and Trivia Game
If Teacups Could Talk
A Silver Charity Tea ~  
Fund-Rising in the Victorian Era
Victorian Wedding Traditions
All Aboard!
Train Travel in Victorian America
My Grandmother's Apron
Beautiful Hats Through Time
Treasure Thy Friend
Victorian Traditions & Tokens
of Friendship